If I understand things correctly, the Universe is now thought to be dynamic (either expanding or contracting) rather than fixed.  For the purpose of my thoughts today, this premise is sufficient to contemplate.  Would you rather live in a fixed or dynamic world? 

What happens to me in a fixed state is that I get restless, start thinking that something is amiss as it gets harder to breathe freely and engage fully. My imagination begins to carry me past my walls mentally and even emotionally, but I am still living in a fixed state of being and cannot penetrate to reality.  It leaves no room for growth or at least a limited growth.  How big is your box? How strong your restraints? I have engaged these past years in tearing down the walls, removing the ceiling, finding ways to disengage my bonds, and eventually, I hope to be comfortable enough with my expansion to let the floor drop out as well.

 What happens if I am in a certain size container and the universe around me is expanding, and time is expanding?  I’m still in this little box which is growing smaller and smaller over time.  When will the box and I become small enough as to be insignificant?  What if there are lots of little boxes like mine?  However, we each think our box is the only one that is real and so we ignore all the other little boxes or try to annihilate one another so that we are the only “ legitimate” box left.  Even if you take the people who live in these other boxes into your own box, you will still be in one box.  The box is static, it is not going to expand.  The other boxes may disappear but you will be here in an expanding universe with even less matter to slow it down.  The idea of getting bigger and bigger within a fixed state of being is a trap of ego which will eventually render a state of isolation and leave the box and all within it susceptible to implosion.

It seems to me we are meant to expand and grow, recycle and replenish.  This is how we sustain ourselves in the natural world and this is how we must sustain ourselves spirituality as well.  I cannot grow my spirit within a single church, community, neighborhood, city, state, etc.  It’s important to grow and experience more than one way of being, thinking, and experiencing.  This means I must be open to at least trying to first see or hear or feel, then bring some understanding to other ways  of being and surmount my own limitations.  It means opening the door to our limited belief systems which are nothing but a construct and start to experience the world(s) without them. 

In the end, I am beginning to understand there is no particular truth that is applicable except this:  truth is always dynamic not static.