We are the Keepers of the Country

The hate in this country is palpable. Our President feeds it bit by bit to the engaged populous like feeding a bird in a cage. He hands out the little crumbs and the crazies squawk with rage at his offerings. What is behind all of this and why? Those are the real questions. Nothing happens in a vacuum without reason. What is the real endgame here? Is it war or complete governmental control finally?
The people of this United States have lost their will and their way. The few who are willing to stand up and resist are being misled by those capable of carrying this country forward to a better place and do not know whom to follow or which way to turn. Confusion reigns supreme and this is no accident either.
One viable solution at this point is a Third Party but the people won’t go for it. They are brainwashed by the mass media on nightly TV. They have decided these dressed up TV stars are the smartest people in the world and they are somehow connected to them. These are the people they are going to let influence them in the voting booth and this, of course,is the way the corporations are winning the game. The voters do not seem to understand that these people are simply working off a script, have limited resources and intelligence but make it sound good like any decent actor would. It is all theatre but the American population doesn’t seem to recognize it as such. The idea of voting for a Third party scares the pants off them because they have been told it won’t work. It will divide the country. It will take away votes from the most Blessed candidate when in truth no candidate in the past few years has been worth a hoot. I take that back, we had a good third party candidate but she was given no air time, no chance at having her voice heard or legitimized in any way.
This is what it comes down to now? We have to have a candidate legitimized by those talking bobble heads on the nightly round tables or those deep  voices on the television specials that make you think they have all the knowledge in the Universe just by the sound of their voice? These prime time television hosts also understand the value of body language well and never miss an opportunity to engage it.  The intimate moving it to ask a question as if we are all in on the secret and the moving back when we want to distance ourselves from the answer.  Without blinking an eye we are all privy to the conversation below the surface and we never even realized just what hit us.
Whatever happened to the idea that the people of this country could think for themselves and make decisions all by themselves based on what a candidate says and does? It’s called manipulation and we buy into constantly.  The only way to be rid of it is to turn off the tv or become completely aware and immune, which may be impossible.  Television is no longer used just for informative pusposes.   When was the last time a President came on the television and gave a credible reason for going to war, for instance?  To make a statement or leave an open ended question invites more questions from the people in general and stimulates conversation.  This is what they do not want.  They want to control the narrative (conversation) so we don’t have to.  That’s the idea.
I’m older, a senior but I do remember my parents reading the papers and then the discussions would fly. It didn’t matter who was right or wrong because at the end of the day the things that needed to be discussed were fairly torn apart and discussed , issue by issue over time. I’m not one to sit around and look back at the good old days but something important has been lost here and we need to find a way to bring it back. Social media is filling a gap somewhat but it is too easily biased and too easily managed in the sense that a whole segment of the population simply tunes out. What I am talking about is bringing the importance of politics back into the family fold where the seeds are planted in the first place.
I know people are busier than ever and there is little time for such things but we need to make the time. If we do not, things will not improve. We need to start thinking for ourselves. We need to start questioning the motives and votes of those elected and those trying to run for office. We need to ask them how that is going to impact our lives and the lives of our children going forward on many levels. If they have voted against our interests we need to hold them accountable. We need to vote them out.
The future of this country lies not in the hands of the corporations,  or the special few who can afford the cost of running,  not yet. It may come to this in the near future if the people of this country does nothing. Stop letting those people who pretend to know it all and in reality know little make you decisions for you.  There are so very many ways to educate oneself today it is fairly easy to do so.
Pick a topic, healthcare, jobs, education, environment whatever you can relate to and go from there. Try to understand how and why your Representative is voting on the issue the way he/she does and hold them accountable by calling, emailing (get on their list), social media, etc.
Speak up on the topic. Don’t be afraid of what others will say. You have a right to your opinion but keep it civilized. It is our country and our world and our planet. We are the keepers of it. We need to be responsible for it.