Letting in the Light

A darkness has pervaded the world. It has infiltrated society- left no one untouched. Fear and all that is born of it, the evil offsprings that arise from it are showing up in the forms of power. Something has turned on a huge glaring light and revealed what has been here all along. Religion is the front man and the minions that sit on the front pews and shout amen with every nasty utterance and slaver and slobber with each wicked deed are the front soldiers. People are put in peril and hearts are broken to the glee of those who feel superior. It has trickled down like the economy they say would happen but instead fear and mindlessness is what they have implanted and allowed to fester. Our government has become a nest of vipers full of secrecy and spying on us all but no one is allowed to call them out or ask questions of those in authority. Yet, the minions march on with their mindless emotional armor to guide them and speak for them and vote for them and here we are. We have elected a person to the highest office in the land who needs to be living in the therapist office and we have never been closer to the brink than we are now. We have in a few short months lost the good will and the respect of our friends around the world and they are beginning to turn elsewhere. Our two party systems are crumbling, rotting from the inside and cannot see they are dying from decrepitude and those who hold office are unwilling to give up their lucrative positions due to greed and lust of power. Both are the godchildren of fear.
Where will this lead us in the end? If you do not pause and reassess your position, if you do not stop entertaining yourselves to death and start taking your lives more seriously, you may find we have lost the right to live in what we call a democracy and the idea of whether to “take a knee” will become the least important thing on your mind. You may find that someday we may be taking a knee for all the wrong things. No country is infallible; it always must be tended with care. It requires constant weeding and feeding and proper management and this means crop rotation (getting rid of those stagnant crops that have used up the nutrients in the soil over time). Otherwise, even democracy will wither and die in an infertile soil from lack of attention and the weeds will take over. It is time to weed out the bad players and corporate feeders and plant new blood in the Washington landscape and beyond to the outlying areas. It’s the only way forward that will work. If this means allowing more parties, popular vote, hand counting or whatever needs to be done, we need to get to work on this right away. Democracy was never meant to be a stagnant idea but a constant dynamic, ever changing. thriving, work in process. Otherwise it dies. The darkness will prevail and no light will shine through. I prefer the light. Let us muster the courage to shine the light and hold it high for our children and those who come after us.